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Repair & Maintenance Services

Battery Testing

If your car or truck is having starting issues, bring it in to see if you need a new battery, alternator, starter, or other related components.
Aguadilla Auto

Air Conditioner (A/C)

Does it seem like your AC is not blowing as cold or not blowing cold at all? We will run a diagnostic on your AC and have it blasting cold air in no time!

General Automotive

No matter how careful you are as a driver, your vehicle will wear down. Get a general maintenance check to make sure things like your suspension, steering, and radiator are in good working condition for safe driving.


Bad electrical can cause all sorts of weird problems. It can cause your car to not hold a charge and not start. We will identify where the bad connection is and fix it fast!

Engine Repair & Replacement

Do you own a high mileage vehicle? We specialize in diagnosing engine issues. We will do everything possible to repair but we can replace as a last resort.

Transmission Service

Problems shifting or can't drive in reverse? Then you need to get your car to us quickly before the problem gets worse. The last thing you want is for the transmission to fail.
Aguadilla Auto

Check Engine Diagnostic

That annoying orange light on again? It could be something minor like a burnt fuse or it could be worse like an engine misfire. Let us scan your car and we'll solve the problem.
Aguadilla Auto

Oil Change, Tune-Up, etc.

Get your oil change and scheduled mile maintenance done here. It doesnt have to be a hassle or expensive. Additionally we can change spark plugs, flush your fluids, rotate tires, and perform critical safety checks.